Month: September 2017

For Immediate Release from the West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry:

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August 30, 2017

We are saddened by the State Department’s decision not to resettle refugees in our area next year, but the West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry is not closing our doors and we are not giving up. We are already beginning conversations on moving forward in new ways to fulfill our mission of “Striving to improve the lives of refugees.”

We have worked for almost two years to organize a movement dedicated to refugee resettlement, welcome, and promoting interfaith respect, compassion and understanding. Our network of supporters continues to grow, and fills us with confidence that West Virginians realize that supporting refugee resettlement is not only an American tradition; it is the right thing to do.

We stand proudly with them, with our friends throughout our state, and we echo the words of our Executive Director Antigona Mehani: “While we will not be fortunate enough to serve refugees who are seeking shelter and freedom in Charleston, I am committed to stand up and fight for refugees by educating and advocating through proper channels and venues so that we can remove the stigma and fear that our society has shown towards the world’s most vulnerable. So I ask each and every one of you to support its WVIRM’s mission and join us in ‘striving to improve the lives of refugees.’ We remain hopeful. We look forward with courage and strength, focused on our mission of improving the lives of refugees everywhere.”