Reasons for Joy

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Yes, even in a pandemic, one of the craziest years in the past century, we at West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry have reasons for joy.

The two families we serve are thriving. All four adults are employed full time. The six children are involved in school and church activities.

We received a COVID 19 grant from The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation, which was greatly needed when family members were laid off due to the pandemic.

WVIRM celebrated its first Welcoming Week in which we highlighted immigrant-owned businesses. An ecumenical panel discussion featuring both clergy and lay persons exposed the harms done by racist and xenophobic actions and rhetoric.

Anticipated changes in federal immigration policies should enable WVIRM to do the most we can for those who have the least.

And we are joyful at the continued offerings of time and money from our many supporters. Thank you, and may you be blessed during this holy season.

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