Our Mission

Why is Refugee Resettlement Good for WV?

  • West Virginia is losing population – 4,600 residents left WV last year.
  • Syrian refugees are highly skilled and educated in the fields of medicine, nursing,
  • engineering, pharmacy, education – they can fill workplace gaps and create jobs.
  • Syrian Refugees are known to be drug free, with a strong work ethic.
  • WV has a sizable Syrian American community that is ready to help.

Is it Safe?

  • Refugees undergo more rigorous screening/vetting than anyone else allowed into the United States.
  • It takes up to 2-3 years to clear refugees before they can be selected to come to the US.

Will Refugees Be a Burden?

  • Catholic Charities works with refugees to get them to be self-supporting within a few months after arrival.
  • Catholic Charities continues to monitor and integrate newly settled refugees for 5 years after resettlement.
  • Catholic Charities has been federally funded.
  • Catholic Charities has been resettling refugees in WV for 35 years.
  • WVIRM and WVFSR have hundreds of volunteers mobilized to assist with resettling refugees to WV
  • WVIRM and WVFSR has sufficient resources to assist Catholic Charities with resettlement needs.


What Do We Need From our Political Leaders?

  • Say “yes” when Catholic Charities selects a highly vetted refugee and asks to bring them to resettle in WV.
  • Say “yes” when Catholic Charities asks to make WV a “non US ties” state so that churches and other organizations can directly help in sponsoring refugees that Catholic Charities selects to come to WV.