PURPOSE: West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry (“WVIRM”) and the Islamic Association of West Virginia (“IAWV”) are partnering together to fund scholarships with the following criteria:

Applicants must be:

  • Must have non US citizen status as refugee, asylee, immigrant or Temporary Protected Status (documentation is not required)
  • Residents of West Virginia who have completed at least one academic year at a high school or accredited public, private or technical college, university or trade school in West Virginia, with a GPA of 2.5 or greater (or equivalent)
  • Planning to pursue a 2-year or 4-year degree or a graduate degree as a full-time student
  • Planning to attend an accredited public, private or technical college or university or trade school in the state of West Virginia.
  • Consideration will be given to students who have navigated hardship.

This scholarship is not available for students planning to enroll part-time or at for-profit or online institutions. There are no restrictions on area of study. Directors, Officers and Employees of WVIRM and their relatives are not eligible.
Amount: Scholarships may be used for tuition and fees at any accredited public, private or community college or university trade school in West Virginia. The amount awarded per recipient can vary between $1000 and $4000 per academic year, split evenly between each semester, if awarded prior to the fall semester, or if awarded during or after the fall semester, then an award may be made specifically for the spring semester. Money will be distributed directly to the recipient’s school for disbursement for the following semester fees. 

PROCEDURE: Candidates must submit personal letter stating need, qualifications, and desire. In addition, they will be required to provide a completed application form, resume, and transcript, as well as letter of recommendation from a non-relative who is a mentor, employer or former employer, teacher or faculty member, or community leader. 

EVALUATION: After the selection committee reviews a submittal, a decision will be made respecting an application. In the event that the selection committee feels an interview would be helpful to clarify any questions respecting the application, an applicant may be invited for an interview. Decisions will usually be made approximately eight to ten weeks of receipt of a complete application and recipients will be notified by email or regular mail. (Please print and use forms below or to request a paper copy of application and checklist you can email lclarke@wvirm.com.


Eligible students may submit application package at any time. All applications must be submitted by email to lclarke@wvirm.com or by mail to WVIRM P.O. Box 5387, Charleston, WV 25361.

All applicants are to submit the following:

  1. COVER LETTER: Each applicant is requested to provide a cover letter to their application package. This letter should introduce the applicant and explain their reasons for applying, professional goals, and reasons in which they feel they would be deserving of the WVIRM/IAWV Scholarship. Please note that consideration is given to students who have navigated hardship. 
  2. APPLICATION FORM: (see form provided below) This application is to be completed and includes personal data of the applicant.
  3. TRANSCRIPT: Each applicant is to provide an official transcript from their  academic institution (please send for all years of most recent level of study, such as high school and/or college or graduate record, as applicable to you) from their institution. Transcript can be included in application package or sent to WVIRM P.O. Box 5387, Charleston, WV 25361, by school. This transcript will be used in determining academic eligibility for the scholarship.
  4. RESUME: Each applicant shall provide a personal resume listing complete educational background, employment history, extra-curricular activities and any awards. 
  5. LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION: Each applicant shall provide a letter from a a non-relative who is a mentor, employer or former employer, teacher or faculty member, or community leader. This letter should be kept confidential in a sealed envelope addressed to WVIRM P.O. Box 5387, Charleston, WV 25361 and included inside the applicant’s package, if you are mailing your application, or you can mail it separately if you are emailing your application, or it can be submitted directly from the faculty member to WVIRM P.O. Box 5387, Charleston, WV 25361.

Applicants who submit complete applications will be notified of the Selection Committee’s decision, usually within approximately 8 to 10 weeks. No response will be given for incomplete applications. It is the applicant’s responsibility to complete an application. Money will be distributed directly to recipient’s school for disbursement for the following semester fees.

PLEASE COPY, INTO A DOCUMENT YOU CAN EDIT AND THEN PRINT, OR PRINT AND FILL-IN, THE FOLLOWING APPLICATION FORM, then send your application form with other materials to WVIRM by email or regular mail (this is not a fillable form you can submit online – you need to send by email or regular mail):


NAME: _______________________________________________________________
LAST                   FIRST                     MIDDLE INITIAL

  PERMANENT ADDRESS: _____________________________________________

  CURRENT ADDRESS: _________________________________________________

 PARENTS NAMES: ____________________________________________________

  NAME OF COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY: ___________________________________________

 ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________________

 PHONE: ________________________________

CURRENT ACADEMIC STATUS (Include Program Type such as High School, College, Graduate Education): ___________________________________

Years Completed: ____________

GPA: ________


  DEGREE: ______________

SIGNATURE: ______________________________________________________________

Additionally, we ask that you provide the following estimations for your academic year.
Tuition: $________
Books:   $________
Fees:      $________
Room/Board: $________
Your expected academic year Fed and School Aid:  $________
Your expected Loans:  $________
Your expected Work Study:  $________
Your expected (not WVIRM) Grants/Awards:  $________
Difference/Net Remaining (Costs minus Fed and School Aid, Loans, Work Study and Other Grants/Awards):  $____________


PLEASE COPY, INTO A DOCUMENT YOU CAN EDIT AND THEN PRINT, OR PRINT AND THEN FILL IN YOUR NAME, ON THE FOLLOWING CHECKLIST FORM AND INCLUDE A COPY OF IT WITH  YOUR APPLICATION when you mail or email your application form to WVIRM (this is also not a fillable form you can submit online – you need to send by regular mail or email):


WVIRM/IAWV Educational Scholarship Checklist
        Applicant name :
Date Received Item Remarks
Application form
Cover letter
Current transcript
Letter of recommendation
Instructions to applicants:
Please include this checklist with your application packet.
Your transcript and letter of recommendation can be mailed directly to WVIRM at Post Office Box 5387, Charleston WV  25361 by the school, faculty member, mentor, employer or community leader who is preparing the letter.  If these items are not included in this packet please identify in this packet who will be submitting them.
It is the responsibility of the Applicant to be sure ALL items are received by WVIRM.
WVIRM WILL NOT notify the Applicant if any of the items listed above have not been submitted.